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Snapchat has allowed for users to be able to create their own Snapchat Geofilters. At first, it was only available for public, communal areas, but it soon expanded to include personal events and businesses (for a fee). Both kinds of geofilters are excellent tools for marketing purposes, whether it be to promote your creative work to the masses or to expose others to a business event.

Latin Night Geofilter

At the time I created my San Antonio filter, I didn't see a lot of other geofilters that included the two most recognizable landmarks of the city, in my opinion: the Alamo and the Hemisfair Tower. If they were included, they were only silhouettes in a skyline, and I wanted to represent them in all their glory together. The following stats are from April 2018:

  • Uses
  • Views
  • 551.6K
  • 24M
Latin Night Filter

As for the Latin Night filter, it was done as part of a social media campaign to promote Blue Velvet Lounge's event every Thursday. When I think of a Latin-themed event, I think of a tropical setting, which is the basis of this design. In order to promote effectively on Snapchat, the geofilter had to be attractive enough for patrons to use it in their pictures. I made a different one every week, but this one was the most effective geofilter.

  • Swipes
  • Uses
  • Views
  • Usage
  • 309
  • 99
  • 5.9K
  • 32%


The San Antonio filter was submitted in November 2016 and approved two weeks later. I didn't start seeing it until January, but it could've been up longer and I just didn't notice. Seeing something I created being used in other people's Stories around the city felt gratifying. Having that amount of people interacting with my design is something I want to keep experiencing in the future.

The Latin Night filter was submitted for a one-night use, running from 9pm - 2am for the lounge event. For a lounge that holds a maximum of 160 people at one time, the statistics were higher than expected. The geofilter combined with marketing on Facebook saw about a 15% increase in the following week's Latin Night. Because of the positive feedback, having a geofilter became a trend for both the business and patrons to enjoy.

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