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The Ordinary Freaks Podcast is a new podcast featuring guests from the Milwaukee, Wisconsin area that have found success by unconventional means. While the word "ordinary" refers to people just like you and I, the "freak" in them is the hard work and out-of-this-world dedication it took to forge their success.

Before their first episode, I helped the Ordinary Freaks Podcast get their domain name and hosting straightened out. As soon as they pumped out their first few episodes, I was ready with a website that would house their podcast.

Ordinary Freaks Home Page

The Website

The Ordinary Freaks record their sessions using audio AND video. With this in mind, I knew I had to make the hero picture at the top of the website a looped background video. The main call to action for this page is to watch the latest video, so it made sense to put it in the foreground of the hero video.

The page uses the YouTube Iframe API to grab the videos that display on the page. It uses the YouTube video's ID and the API's methods to determine which video plays in the YT.Player object. Clicking on a play button determines which video's ID is loaded to the Player. Then it causes a custom-made lightbox overlay to fade in, containing the player with the video front and center.

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This page is what Agile methodologies would call the MVP. I built it with little to no content to go on from the podcast creators, hence why the second section has only one sentence, and why the website as a whole is only one page so far. Also, I'm currently researching a better method to interact subscribers rather than using a newsletter. So that part doesn't work yet.

This website is a obviously a work in progress, but learning and executing the most important part of its functionality, playing the YouTube videos, is done and out of the way. I'm excited to see the finished website and will update when it gets there.

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