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This was an idea I've had for a long time. In downtown Madison, there are so many drink specials to keep track of throughout the week that it gets difficult finding a place to let loose on a small budget. Outlined while having talks with friends after work, sitting on top of barstools during difficult financial times, this app idea looked to ease our troubles.

Armed with just the knowledge of Java from college, I researched what it took to make an Android application and it slowly dawned on me what a monumental task it was going to be.

MadisonDrinks Infographic

The App Design

The icon I came up with is a full beer glass with a capitol on it. The shape of the glass is a well-known symbol to represent beer, and the capitol is an homage to the capitol building in Madison.

The color scheme was based off the color of the beer. The primary blue is a direct complement to the orange, and the rest of the blues are shades of it. The primary blue made the icon stand out and fits into the material style on current Android apps.

Users can access information easily with a simple interface. The app automatically opens up to the current day. Users can see a photo of the bar, its name, hours, and distance away from their current location. Clicking the bar opens a drop-down list of their specials that day, along with the times they are available, and a link to Google Maps to get directions.

They can also swipe left or right to switch days of the week, sort bars by their title or distance away, and filter the bars by the kind of specials they're having. All of these functions are available on the home screen.

MadisonDrinks Code

The Prototype

After months of learning, I managed to somehow scrap out a prototype. It uses one Main Activity and seven Fragments that represent the days of the week. To populate the bar list, it uses ExpandableListViews. These ExpandableListViews' headers and children are composed by connecting ArrayLists via a HashMap key. It works as intended for the most part, but it currently doesn't match the design I have for it and it's missing the sort and filter features.

> Go over the protoype code

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