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Wisconsin Lambdas


The Wisconsin Lambdas are a fraternal organization at the University of Wisconsin-Madison that focuses on the advancement of the Latin@ community on and off campus. They required a website that showcases their positive outreach that can also double as a recruiting tool for new potential members.

It was decided that this website would serve as a training tool for members who wanted to learn how to edit webpages. I provided the Lambdas with the base website setup and design, then taught select members how to interact with the WordPress dashboard, add/edit pages and posts, and download plugins to provide additional functionality.

Wisconsin Lambdas Home Page Wisconsin Lambdas Home Page

The Website

I started them off with a simple WordPress site using an existing theme that featured posts. This way, members can update posts and tag them so that their accomplishments can be front and center on the home page.

The Lambdas also have a strong Instagram presence so I thought it would be a good idea to add an Instagram feed to keep content fresh on the front page in the case of long periods of inactivity. The rest of the pages were done by the members of the organization with my guidance.

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