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El Buen Samaritano in Austin, Texas is a well-established non-profit organization dedicated to assisting the community by providing health resources, education, and economic assistance to low-income families.

As an independent contractor for the organization, I am in charge of maintaining, developing, and designing the website, supporting the online components of their fundraising campaigns, and designing marketing materials for web and print.

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The Website

Months before I was hired, the website was recently overhauled to what it is today. It uses WordPress paired with X Theme, which makes it easy to design layouts and add pages quickly. This is essential when updating the website to advertise a new fundraising campaign the organization puts on, which happens frequently.

Other notable things I've done: Migrate the site from HTTP to HTTPS, modify the JavaScript on the donation plugin to add fields and functionality, monitor the organization's PayPal transactions and subscriptions, maintain and build webpages as needed, and configure emails for online marketing campaigns.

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El Buen Samaritano Impact Report El Buen Samaritano Christmas Facebook Cover Report

The Graphics

As part of my contract with El Buen Samaritano, I also do graphic design work at their request. The organization has established a modern brand that they use throughout their marketing materials. Along with vibrant tropical colors, their brand gives off a Latin-like feel, which complements their Spanish name.

At first, I got started modifying their existing flyers and paper forms. Over time, I was also tasked with designing small banners, adding graphics to pictures sent through email, and creating clickable icons for the website. Now, I create Facebook Cover Photos and even collaborated with another designer to complete last year's Impact Report. The picture above is the draft before the final product, which you can see by clicking below.

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