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Cycle de Mayo


Cyc Fitness in Madison is an exercise-bike fitness chain that occasionally has themed rides for its class participants. Through some mutual connections, I was tasked with making the social media marketing materials to be distributed by both collaborating organizations.

Cycle de Mayo Social Media

The Materials

I decided that the main focus would be a bicycle wheel. Although most exercise-bikes don't have spokes, making the wheel with them included allowed me to easily show that cycling was taking place. I cast a drop shadow on the "ground" behind it to give the flyer some depth, while staying true to the minimalistic feel of Cyc's branding.

Luckily, I was also given the ability to name the event. With "Cycle" sounding so similar to "Cinco," I was able to place a small Mexican flag at the end of the event's title to emphasize a Latin-themed ride.

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